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Minister’s Message

Welcome to the Ministry of Personnel Management.
The Ministry of Personnel Management was established to enhance
competitiveness and vitality of the public service,
through reforms of public personnel system in tune with the times.

To this end, we have presented directions of personnel
innovation and founded institutional framework,
actively innovating personnel in the public service.

We will make greater efforts to make these
personnel innovation policies effective and well-founded,
so that citizens can experience strengthened
competitiveness of the public service.

I wish all the best to you and your family all the time.

Thank you very much

Minister of Personnel ManagementKim Dong-keuk

Personal Information

  • Name Kim Dong-keuk

Educational Background

  • 1999 M.A. in Public Administration, New York University
  • 1986 M.A. in Public Administration, Seoul National University
  • 1984 B.A. in Social Studies Education, Seoul National University
  • 1980 Sorabol High School

Major Careers

  • 2016. 06 ~ Minister of Personnel Management (in office)
  • 2013. 03. Presidential Personnel Aide, Presidential Office
  • 2010. 10. Director-General of Personnel Policy, Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • 2010. 02. Director-General of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • 2008. 03 Director-General of Performance and Welfare, Ministry of Public Administration and Security
  • 2007. 10. Director-General of Senior Officials Management, Civil Service Commission
  • 2006. 07 Director-General of Performance and Welfare, Civil Service Commission