In the 1950s Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world, but our country has achieved unprecedented remarkable growth to become the world’s 11th largest economy in just over half a century.
We are the first country to transform itself from an aid recipient to a donor country.
Such remarkable growth is the result of the sweat and hard work of the Korean people.
It also reflects the achievements of our competent and dedicated public servants, who have led the nation to development by uniting our citizens.
Innovation for the people, A civil service that leads the future of Korea
Ministry of Personnel Management

MPM’s Functions
MPM is the central agency of the government of the Republic of Korea which manages the personnel management system of the administration’s national public officials and carries out civil service reform.
MPM administers various personnel management policies including recruitment, human resource development, performance management, remuneration and ethics of public officials.

MPM hires the most talented candidates based on just and fair procedures.
In principle, public officials are recruited through open competitive examinations. Experienced professionals are also recruited to fill positions that require a high level of expertise.
MPM is greatly diversifying career opportunities in public service with special policies such as the open nomination policy, where citizens can directly recommend appropriate candidates for public positions.
Human Resource Development
MPM equips its employees with a shared sense of commitment to public service, and with future-oriented competence and expertise.
MPM has shifted its training paradigm to regard each public official as a ‘subject’, not ‘object’ in his or her learning.
Furthermore, it has established new public service values to nurture public officials who genuinely serve for the people.

Performance Management
MPM has implemented a thorough assessment and pay system, by which each individual is assessed strictly for his or her hard work and rewarded accordingly.
Ability and performance-based pay system has replaced the previous seniority-based system. MPM rewards best performers with special incentives, and has promoted a flexible work environment to increase productivity and efficiency.
Public Service Ethics
All public officials of the Republic of Korea must abide by the constitution, laws and regulations and must fulfill their civil duties as servants of the people of Korea.
MPM enforces not only disciplinary measures but also other relevant policies that prevent possible injustice and corruption in the execution of official duties.

At the heart of Korea’s dynamic change and innovation stands the Ministry of Personnel Management.
By making progress towards tomorrow and the future, and with our thoughts and ideas meeting the expectations of our citizens, MPM is weaving the future of Korea through its talented public workers.
Innovation for the people, A civil service that leads the future of Korea.

Ministry of Personnel Management.