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title Plan for 2021 Announced
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On February 5, the Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM, Minister Hwang Seo-chong) announced its plan for 2021 which aims to bring about innovative change in the civil service through proactive governance open to participation from citizens. Key characteristics of the announced plan are as follows:


- Citizens will be able to directly request proactive governance for the advancement of the public interest in cases where the lack of relevant laws or ambiguous regulations make application of new policies difficult.

- A learning and development platform based on artificial intelligence will be launched to provide real-time video lectures, content developed by the private sector, customized programs, etc.

- Civil servants will be allowed to determine their work hours and place of work flexibly depending on personal circumstances when working from home.

- The MPM will further advance last year’s quarantine measures for recruitment exams (so called ‘K-Quarantine Measures for Exam Takers'), and administer recruitment exams in a safe environment with a minimal risk of transmission of infectious diseases.

- Taking and distributing intimate images, obscenity via communication media, etc. are newly added to the list of illegal sexual misbehavior, and the abuse of authority is categorized as a new type of illegal behavior.

- Civil servants subject not only to severe disciplinary actions (e.g. removal, dismissal, demotion, or suspension) but also to moderate disciplinary actions (e.g. reduction of salary or reprimand) will not receive any performance-based bonus.


"The government is committed to restoring normality for citizens by establishing proactive governance as a new civil service culture and advancing competency and integrity in the civil service,” said Minister Hwang.