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title K-Civil Service Management Introduced Around the World
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K-Civil Service Management Introduced Around the World
- A series of handbooks about ROK’s civil service management, e.g. recruitment and electronic human resource management system, are published in English


□ The Republic of Korea (ROK) government will publish a series of handbooks in English to introduce the country’s excellent public human resource management system to the international community.
 ○ On January 21, the ROK Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM, Minister Hwang Seo-chong) announced that it will publish handbooks about the country’s civil service management system in English and distribute them to foreign governments and international organizations.
 ○ The publication of handbooks is part of the ROK government’s efforts to provide standardized content in response to rising interest and demand from foreign governments and international organizations for introducing its civil service management system and sharing its experience with the development of the system.


□ The handbooks will be published consecutively in six major areas, including recruitment, human resource development, performance management, civil service ethics. The first two series on “Recruitment” and “Electronic Human Resource Management System (e-Saram)” provide each system’s background, history of development, key features and achievements.
 ○ “Recruitment” explores the development of the civil service recruitment system, the types of recruitment exams and selection methods, and the recruitment system to enhance diversity and expertise in the civil service.
 ○ “e-Saram” explains the establishment and development of the e-Saram system, its functions and services as well as achievements with easy-to-understand diagrams.

□ From August 2020, the MPM conducted surveys for civil service management agencies of the New Southern and Northern Policy countries to identify their areas of interest and considered them when determining the handbook topics to better reflect readers’ needs.
  ○ The remaining series on “Human Resource Development,” “Performance Management,” “Senior Civil Service and Competency Assessment,” and “Civil Service Ethics” will be published in the first half of 2021 in a consecutive order.
  ○ The handbooks will also be translated into Russian, Spanish and other languages to strengthen ROK’s international exchange and cooperation beyond the New Southern and Northern Policy countries to Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) countries and facilitate partnership projects such as joint research and consultation on civil service management.

□ The MPM’s Vice Minister Kim Woo Ho stated that “the publication of handbooks is only our first step. The Ministry will continue to share our country’s civil service management system and its experience with the international community and expand global exchange and cooperation in the civil service both qualitatively and quantitatively.”
 ○ “The MPM will also conduct partnership projects including consultation and overseas development assistance to support our partner countries in building capacity in the civil service. We believe this will secure our position as a global leader in civil service management,” he added.


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