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Public Referrals to the NHRDB

Public Referrals to the NHRDB


The NHRDB Public Referrals System is an advanced personnel management system where citizens can directly take part by recommending new competent candidates for addition to the National Human Resources Database (NHRDB).

Potential Candidates

Persons who are able to contribute to the national development based on the expertise and capacities built in their own field

※ Self-recommendation is also possible.

Areas of Recommendation

Recommendation by Field of Expertise (31 specialized fields within the NHRBD)

public finance, budget & taxation, education, diplomacy & unification, trade, customs & procurement, judicial, legal & human rights affairs, police work & public safety, firefighting, disaster prevention & meteorology, personnel & government management, local autonomy & regional development, information and communication, culture and art, sports & tourism, agriculture, forestry & rural affairs, maritime affairs & fisheries, industry, resources & patents, welfare, women's, youth & family affairs, medicine, pharmacy & public health, environment, construction, transportation, economy & finance, audit, accounting & statistics, business administration & fair trade, science and technology, public relations, media & broadcasting, labor affairs, politics, elections & legislation, foods, foreign languages, national defense & security, historical humanities, etc.

Recommendation by Position*

* Public Officials in Political Service, Open Positions, Heads and Executive Officers of Public Institutions and Members of Government Committees

Process of Recommendation

  • 01 Visit the Official Website of the NHRDB Public Referrals System
  • 02 Submit Your Recommendation
  • 03 Identify and Authenticate Yourself
  • 04 Recommendation Received

※ Submission via postal mail, fax or email is also possible.

Utilization and Management

  • Addition to the NHRDB after review of suitability based on related laws and regulations
  • Recommendation actively made for a major government position or membership of various committees upon request of a national agency