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  • Ministry's Relocation to Sejong City

    The Ministry of Personnel Management relocated to Sejong City and started working in Sejong on April 11, 2016.


    The contact information is as below.


    Address: 180, Jeoljae-ro, Sejong-si 30102, Republic of Korea


    Tel +82-44-201-8128, Fax +82-44-201-8151,



  • Central Officials Training Institute (COTI) To Be Re-organized as National Human Resources Development Institute (NHI)

    The Central Officials Training Institute, which has managed trainings of national civil servants, is reorganized as the National Human Resources Development Institute to propose a brand-new paradigm of public servants education.

    The Institute takes charge of the future-oriented cultivation of the right civil servants, the development and evaluation of education programs for improving capacities of civil servants, and cooperation with public and private education, training and research institutions.

    In order to consolidate public HRD efforts of all government offices and share HRD resources, an HRD network will be constructed.

    The “single government” will successfully be realized by making all educational courses accessible to every public servant, sharing quality training programs, instructors and facilities, and laying a foundation for opening and sharing HRD information through an integrated public HRD system.





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