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Minister's Message

Kim Woo-Ho

Kim Woo Ho

Minister of Personnel Management

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM).

Over the course of the decades, the Republic of Korea’s central personnel agency has evolved through various stages. Under the First Republic, the Higher Civil Service Exam Commission and the Ministry of Government Administration (Personnel Management Bureau) served as the country’s central personnel agency, followed by the Administrative Bureau of the State Council, the Administrative Office of the State Council, the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Government Administration, the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (Personnel Management Bureau), the Civil Service Commission, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety (Personnel Management Office), and the Ministry of Security and Public Administration (Personnel Management Office). Since 2014, the MPM has been the responsible agency.

To do so, the MPM has a wide range of policies in place; it aims to promote a proactive and responsible public service culture, build a fair and transparent public human resource management system, create a culture of integrity by promoting ethics in the civil service, realize social values with equitable and balanced personnel management, establish an innovative public service culture based on openness, expertise and accountability, and improve working conditions and morale in the civil service.

By nurturing civil servants who are competent, have integrity, and work proactively, and creating a civil service that meets the needs of the public, the MPM will continue to lead the effort in realizing the vision of ‘a Nation of the People, a Country of Justice.’

We appreciate your interest and support. Kim Woo-Ho