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Organizational Chart

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Organizational Chart


  • Spokesperson
  • Talent Acquisition and Information Planning Bureau
    • Talent Acquisition Planning Division
    • Talent Information Management Division

Vice Minister

  • Civil Service Labor-Management Cooperation Bureau
    • Civil Service Labor-Management Cooperation Division
  • Public Officials Occupational Accident Compensation Bureau
    • Public Officials Occupational Accident Compensation Policy Division
    • Public Officials Occupational Accident Compensation Review Division
    • Public Officials Occupational Accident Prevention Policy Division
  • Planning and Coordination Bureau
    • Planning and Finance Division
    • Legal Affairs,Inspection and Innovation Division
    • Data and Information Management Division
    • International Cooperation Division
    • Digital Transformation of Government HR Division
    • Human Resources and Organization Division
  • Human Resources Recruitment Bureau
    • Human Resources Policy Division
    • Open Recruitment Division
    • Career Recruitment Division
    • Examination Management Division
    • Grade 5 Open Recruitment Team
  • Personnel Management Innovation Bureau
    • Personnel Planning and Innovation Division
    • Proactive Administration Division
    • Appointments and Promotion Division
    • Openness and Exchange Division
    • Diversity and Inclusion Division
  • Personnel Management Bureau
    • Performance and Compensation Division
    • Human Resources Development Division
    • Pension and Welfare Division
  • Government Ethics and Discipline Bureau
    • Government Discipline Division
    • Government Ethics Policy Division
    • Property Examination Planning Division
    • Property Examination Management Division
    • Inspection for Post-retirement Employment Division

Affiliated Organizations