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Outline of the Government’s Human Resources Information Management

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Outline of the Government’s Human Resources Information Management

The Talent Acquisition and Information Planning Bureau of the MPM performs the following duties:

  • Identification of eligible candidates for public office, including certain positions appointed by the president, systematic collection of information on candidates by field, and review of in-depth information on major candidates’ performance outcomes, evaluation results, etc.
  • Systematic management of collected information via the National Human Resources Database (NHRDB) to enable fair and transparent personnel management at each government organization


Established the NHRDB
  • Introduced the talent recommendation service
  • The first position recommended using the talent recommendation service was the Director of the National Museum of Korea (2000)
2003 ~ 2004
Incorporated key public organizations’ personnel guidelines into the service
  • Incorporated the Government Committees’ Guidelines for appointment of members of Government Committees (2003)
  • Incorporated the Guideline on Personnel Management of Public Corporations and Quasi-governments for recommendation of the organizations’ executives and the organization of the Executive Recommendation Committee (2010)
2007 ~
Introduced the direct search service

Scope ranged from central administrative agencies, local governments to metropolitan and provincial offices of education

Introduced Government Headhunting and Public Referral Services

Improved the quality of talent acquisition and increased public participation

Enabled use of the NHRDB by a greater number of government organizations
  • Scope of NHRDB use expanded from personnel management to policy advisory purposes (the State Public Officials Act was revised for this purpose)
  • In addition to central and local governments, public agencies are given access to the NHRDB (the Regulations for Candidates for Public Office were revised for this purpose)
The Direct Search Service was newly introduced to all public agencies

Areas of service

National Human Resources Database
The NHRDB is the government’s human resources information system that collects information on people with expertise in different areas and manages such information in an efficient manner to enable the government to identify and appoint the right talent to key public positions including those in political service. Since its establishment in 1999, the NHRDB has grown into the government’s primary system through which information on 320,000 people in various areas of expertise (as of June 2022) is currently registered.
Provide support for personnel management and information on public candidates for government organizations
When central and local governments as well as public agencies are in need of talent, the MPM recommends the right candidates based on required expertise, experience, qualifications, etc. upon request from an organization in need of personnel (i.e. the talent recommendation service). Otherwise, each organization can browse and search for talent information on the NHRDB (i.e. the direct search service).
Government Headhunting for identification of talent from the private sector
Considering the changes in public personnel management, such as the introduction of open competitive positions for experienced professionals from the private sector, the government introduced the Headhunting Service to identify and manage talent from the private sector and provide support for recruitment of such talent for the right positions. The Government Headhunting Service is a proactive recruitment system that aims to enhance openness and competitiveness in the civil service.
Public Referral System
The Public Referral System is an advanced public personnel management system that enables citizens to recommend competent talent for public offices for registration in the NHRDB. Citizens can recommend competent experts or talent deemed appropriate for public offices or submit a self-recommendation. Once a referral is submitted, the government reviews the adequacy of such referral based on certain criteria and registers the personal data of the person referred in the NHRDB.
Identification of global experts
The government identifies Korean professionals working at global enterprises, international organizations, etc. and experts in high-tech areas in need of domestic human resources and recruits them for open competitive positions or for Government Committees.