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Public Referral System

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Public Referral System

Outline of the Public Referral System

The Public Referral System is a participatory public personnel management system that enables citizens to recommend competent talent for public offices for registration in the NHRDB.

Candidates for public referral

  • Anyone who can contribute to national development based on expertise and competence in his or her respective area

    Self-recommendations may also be submitted

Areas available for public referral

Recommendation by area of expertise (31 areas classified by the NHRDB)

Public finance, budget & taxation, education, diplomacy & unification, trade, customs & procurement, judicial, legal & human rights affairs, police work & public safety, firefighting, disaster prevention & meteorology, personnel & government administration, local autonomy & regional development, information and communication, culture and art, sports & tourism, agriculture, forestry & livestock, maritime & fisheries, industry, resources & patents, public welfare, women, youth & family affairs, medicine, pharmacy & public health, environment, construction, transportation, economy & finance, audit, accounting & statistics, business & fair trade, science & technology, public relations, media & broadcasting, labor affairs, politics, elections & legislation, foods, foreign languages, national defense & security, history & humanities, etc.

Recommendation by position*

Positions in the political service, open competitive positions, heads and senior management of public agencies, members of government committees

Process for public referral

  • 01 Visit the Public Referral System website
  • 02 Make a referral
  • 03 Verify identity
  • 04 Submit a referral

Referrals can be submitted by mail, fax, or e-mail

Use and management of referrals

  • The government reviews the relevance of the referrals made based on certain criteria and registers the personal information of the person referred in the NHRDB
  • The person registered in the NHRDB is recommended as a candidate for key government positions and as a member of government committees when government organizations request talent recommendations