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Personnel Management Plan

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Personnel Management Plan

Rationale behind the Introduction (2005 - )

  • Actualization of strategic human resource management to secure talent in a timely manner to achieve the visions and goals of each ministry and agency in a rapidly changing environment
  • Following an increase in the autonomy of personnel management, there has been a need for human resource management through long-term and systematic planning in connection with recruitment, learning and development, management of assigned positions, etc. rather than simply filling up a vacancy.

Definition and Legal Grounds

  • (Definition) A strategic mid- to long-term plan established to secure and utilize human capital within the organization, putting the right man in the right place at the right time based on the analysis of the difference between the level of current manpower and the level of future needs according to the vision and strategic goals of each ministry and agency

    A mid- to long-term plan (5 years) prepared with a biannual action plan written every year

Key Details

  • (Ministry/Agency) Establishment of a human resource management plan including recruitment, promotion, placement, career development, etc. of affiliated civil servants, aimed at achieving organizational goals → submission to the Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM) at the end of September

    • Each Ministry/Agency to conduct promotion and competitive recruitment exams for experienced professionals for a Grade 5 position according to an in-house human resource management plan
  • (MPM) Support/evaluation possibly provided upon submission of human resource management plans from each ministry and agency; establishment of an annual government-wide recruitment plan based on the submitted human resource management plans