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Major Services

Major Services

Standard Personnel Management System (for central administrative agencies)

The standard personnel management system serves as a database of HR data of central administrative agencies and manages the personnel data, and supports the effective HR administration of those in charge of HR tasks and regular civil servants

Category Major Services
HR Managing all personal information and personnel records from recruitment to retirement
  • Managing personnel records and issuing certificates
  • Managing appointments including processing of personnel appointment and management of appointment records
  • Managing salary grades including determination of salary grades and regular elevation of salary grade; and managing training, awards and decorations, and recruitment to fill vacancies
  • Managing department code information and the fixed number and current number of personnel of a department resulting from reorganization
Salaries Providing support for payment of salaries including allowances and deductions for civil servants and administrative support staff, and welfare management affairs including health insurance
  • Payment of salaries and separate payments (performance-based bonuses, compensation for unused annual leave, etc.)
  • Year-end tax settlement in accordance with the Income Tax Act
Service Providing support for management of service, overtime work, business trips, etc
  • Managing basic service matters including working hours and types, the flexible work time system, and working conditions
  • Managing application and approvals of overtime work according to the system advance overtime work notification
  • Managing the number of used annual leave days and that of unused annual leave for employees
Connection Providing an open system so that personnel information is readily available to all who need to access it
  • Connecting with major government systems including the Korea Financial Telecommunications and Clearings Institute, the digital budget and accounting system, the Human Resource Database, etc
  • Connecting with the administration information system (portals) of each ministry

Central HR policy Support System

The e-Saram system is a HR policy support system that supports the central personnel management agency (the Ministry of Personnel Management) to carry out policy tasks and establish scientific and rational HR policies using current status analysis and statistical data available in the system

Category Major Services
Senior Civil Service The Senior Civil Service (SCS) manages a talent pool of senior civil servants and candidates and provides support for management of the personnel affairs of the SCS
  • The Senior Civil Service (SCS) manages a talent pool of senior civil servants and candidates and supports personnel affairs on SCS
  • Managing positions after filling positions, including opening and open recruitment positions (including a director positions)
  • Managing candidates including candidate training and competence assessment management
  • Managing regular and occasional eligibility screening of senior civil servants and retrieving statistics
Appointment Screening The Appointment Screening Service supports personnel appointment management for recruitment and promotion of the SCS and online review process
  • Retrieving summaries of personnel screening of senior civil servants and forms for personnel screening
  • Conducting online personnel screening, managing results of personnel screening and providing notification to the competent ministry thereof
Government Personnel Appointment The Government Personnel Appointment Service supports the approval and issuance of presidential appointments, such as new employment and promotion of civil servants subject to appointment recommendations
  • Managing position information including opening and open recruitment positions (including director positions)
  • Managing drafts, notifications of government personnel appointments and retrieval of current status
Statistical Analysis The Statistical Analysis Service provides all kinds of statistical data necessary for decision making by processing accumulated data into a form that meets user demands
  • Regularly and occasionally providing statistics including the current number of personnel of each rank/grade and the current number of personnel by job type
  • Providing statistics on salaries, work schedules and balanced personnel management
  • Providing a variety of data through unstructured data analysis