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Service Structure

Service Structure

Service Structure

The 'e-Saram' system consists of about 10 services of the 'Standard Personnel Management System' for ministries and 14 services of the 'Central HR policy Support System' for the central personnel management agency, and each service is operated through the sharing of key data.

Cloud-based Information Resource Integration System

'e-Saram' is a cloud-based information resource integration system that jointly utilizes servers and databases, and physically and logically integrates databases for each ministry. Based on this, by establishing a personnel information sharing system that considers security, scalability, and stability among each ministry’s business systems and major administrative information systems, interoperability and resource utilization have been improved

개방형 정보활용 체계

Performing Tasks Rapidly Through the Use of Mobile Services

By providing work schedule services without time and space restrictions, we have improved the efficiency of administrative tasks such as real-time reporting and processing of work schedule-related tasks