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The Changing Face of Government Personnel

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The Changing Face of Government Personnel

The Changing Face of Government Personnel

Providing nimble and flexible personnel administration services that can preemptively respond to changes in the administrative environment

By applying the latest web-based technology using the e-government standard framework, it is possible to provide flexible personnel administration services that reflect rapidly changing personnel systems, such as smart work and flexible work systems, and increased user requirements with the expansion of ministry autonomy.

Establishing an integrated and service-oriented open system in line with changes in the informatization paradigm such as green IT and resource integration
  • By integrating information resources such as hardware, database, and operational services that were separately operated by ministries, the efficiency of operation and management tasks has been improved and an environment for stable service created
  • In addition, an open system has been created that facilitates the use of reliable personnel information through the real-time sharing of related data in the case of inter-ministrial personnel transfers, as well as in the ministry’s business systems and personnel statistics systems
Providing HR policy support services for sustainable HR policy establishment and prompt decision-making

Objective and scientific personnel policies can be established by providing key data-based information such as analysis of personnel-related statistical data, estimation and prediction of results

Providing easy-to-use and safe personnel administration services by strengthening user-centered customized services and personal information protection systems

Users can use the service easily and safely by providing customized services according to user authority, such as individuals, department heads, and the persons in charge of each task, providing encryption functions and managing the information distribution of key personal information, and strengthening history management.

Providing mobile-based work services to establish an efficient and productive work culture

We provide personalized mobile services to respond to changes in the flexible working environment, such as overcoming the spatial and temporal constraints caused by the relocation of administrative agencies to Sejong City, and a flexible work system to promote work-life balance