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Reporting on Receipt of Gifts

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Reporting on Receipt of Gifts

Reporting on receipt of gifts


If a civil servant (or an executive officer or employee of a public service organization) has received gifts exceeding USD 100 (KRW 100,000) from a foreign country (or a foreign citizen), the person shall immediately report and submit the gifts received to the central or local government

Reporting and submission of gifts
  • The civil servant shall submit a list of gifts received to the internal audit team of his or her ministry or agency
  • The gift valuation team (consisting of 7 members) evaluates the value of the gifts and notifies the civil servant of the need to make a report
    ※If the value of the gifts is KRW 100,000 or greater, the civil servant shall make an immediate report. Otherwise, the gifts are returned to the civil servant
  • The heads of the civil servant’s ministry or agency shall transfer the gifts received to the heads of the registration agency twice per year (if the gifts are reported in the first half of the year, they are transferred between July 1 and July 31)
    ※In case of constitutional institutions, the heads of the Secretariat of the National Assembly, the Supreme Court, and the Constitutional Court in case of local governments, the heads of local governments
Management of gifts received
  • If the gifts have cultural or artistic value, they are transferred to the National Archives of Korea
  • If the gifts need to be managed by other organizations, they are transferred to relevant organizations
  • Gifts with no value as national assets are transferred to and sold by the Public Procurement Service
Reporting and management process of gifts received

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