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Labor-Management Cooperation Projects

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Labor-Management Cooperation Projects

Labor-management joint site meetings

  • To enhance communication in the field and increase opportunities for collecting diverse opinions in order to strengthen cooperative labor-management relations

Labor-management joint volunteer activities

  • In order to establish an exemplary civil servant image dedicated to the people, labor and management jointly promote volunteer activities for the socially vulnerable and in order to overcome national crises
    • Increasing diverse volunteer activities by utilizing the expertise and talent of union members (One union, one cooperative project – regular activity)
    • Volunteer activities for rural communities, participating in national disaster recovery, delivering briquettes and serving meals for the underprivileged, etc

Workshops on Labor-Management Activities

  • Holding workshops on labor-management activities to strengthen communication and establish a labor-management partnership
    • Listening to the opinions of front-line civil servants and explaining and sharing government policies such as personnel innovation

Education on labor-management relations

Operating education and training programs to strengthen the expertise of civil servants in charge of labor affairs

공무원노사업무 담당자 전문성 강화를 위한 교육운영

  • (Online Education) Basic education on labor-management relations among civil servants, and regular civil servants other than those in charge of labor-management affairs can also take classes

    Institutes such as the National HRD Institute (NHI) operate the 'Understanding Government Employee Labor-Management Relations' course
    (Including information on the understanding of government employee labor relations, related laws and regulations, the right to collective bargaining, etc.)

  • (On-site consulting, etc.) Proving on-site training suitable for negotiating agencies and negotiation situations for negotiators in central administrative agencies

    Central administrative agencies under branch negotiation according to the administrative negotiation delegation and organizations that wish to receive consulting

  • (Practical training, such as briefing sessions) Promoting practical training and briefing sessions for negotiating committee members, etc., to respond to negotiation situations in a timely manner at each stage of government negotiation

Granting government awards and commendations from the Minister for the achievement of sound labor-management relations

  • Government awards and commendations from the Minister to raise morale and promote an advanced labor-management culture for civil servant union members or those in charge of government affairs who have contributed to the development of sound labor-management relations for coexistence