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Performance-based Remuneration Scheme

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Performance-based Remuneration Scheme

Performance-based annual salary

  • A performance-based annual salary is determined based on the results of the evaluation of performance agreements, etc. as of December 31 every year.
    Determination process of performance-based annual salary

    성과연봉 결정절차

  • The performance-based annual salary for each year is determined based on the previous year’s performance, and part of the amount rolls over to the following year’s annual salary.

    연봉의 누적방식

    A performance-based annual salary can be paid in full for the year even if the total annual salary (i.e. the sum of the base salary and performance-based salary) exceeds the annual salary limit. However, in the following year, the base annual salary includes only part of the performance-based salary not exceeding the previous year’s annual salary limit.

  • As for certain executive agencies, their heads and contract-based civil servants in general service are paid a performance-based annual salary based on separate criteria determined by the relevant minister or the head of relevant executive agency.

Performance-based bonus

  • A performance-based bonus may be paid based on individual performance, divisional performance, or a combination of individual and divisional performance. Ministries and agencies may also choose to distribute the bonus first based on divisional performance and then distribute the amount among the division members based on individual performance. The payment criteria for performance-based bonuses is summarized in the table below.
    Evaluation grade Grade S Grade A Grade B Grade C
    Grade quotas (%) 20% 40% 30% 10%
    Payment rate (%) 172.5% 125% 85% 0%

    * The number of evaluation grades must be 3 or more, and the grade quotas and payment rates can be adjusted at ministries’ and agencies’ discretion

  • While individual payment grades shall be determined in accordance with the results of the work performance rating prescribed in Article 4 of the Regulations on the Performance Evaluation, Etc. of Public Officials, the heads of ministries and agencies can adjust such grades by reflecting additional criteria such as the results of government or division performance evaluations or 360-degree evaluations. If certain civil servants are not subject to the work performance rating system, the heads of relevant ministries and agencies shall prepare separate evaluation criteria to ensure their work performance is evaluated in an objective manner.