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Retirement Support System and Programs

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Retirement Support System and Programs

Stage System or Program Detail
Before retirement Retirement preparation training GEPS

Positive aging academy

Basic education on retirement preparation, including changing social trends, health care and the need for retirement planning

Retirement planning course

Personalized planning on the theme of work, through self-exploration, expanded mindsets, discussion, etc.

Professional course on social contribution

Professional training on social contribution activities (overseas cooperation, talent donation, professional consulting, etc.)

State or local civil servant training institutions
※ Target trainees differ by institution
Right before or after retirement Merit training (Each Ministry to run their own respective program)

Cultivation of social adaptability for civil servants with 20 years or more of service and less than 6 months* of retirement
* Between 6 months and 1 year of retirement if the need is recognized by the head of central administrative organizations

Job transfer consulting (MPM)

Support for re-employment or founding of social enterprises, etc. through personalized 1:1 consulting

After retirement Retired civil servants’ social contribution program (Know-how+)(MPM)

Utilize retired civil servants’ expertise for public safety, social integration, public administration innovation, economic stimulation and other public initiatives

Social participation support program (GEPS) G-Senior

Offer diverse information on after-retirement options such as volunteer activities or trainings, and community services

Sangrok Volunteer Team

Support the activities of the Sangrok Volunteer Team (a spontaneous and autonomous local community volunteer team of retired civil servants), and the team’s volunteer activity participation through cooperation with relevant organizations

Pension Academy

Support lifelong education of retired civil servants and introduce them to volunteer activities

Retired Civil Servant Support Center

Customized service for retired civil servants including counselling and information on social participation(10 centers, including centers in Seoul, Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju, Gangwon, Daegu, Jeonbuk, Jeju, Gyeongin and Sejong)